Stacy Kenyon
Stacy Kenyon

ban·dita [ban-dee -ta] (n.)

  1. A female outlaw
  2. A risk taker
  3. One who’s sexy, confident, and stands out from a crowd
  4. A girl who carries herself in a way that says catch me if you can

Idiom: Make out like a bandit
Slang: To be highly successful in any given enterprise

Designer and Entrepreneur, Stacy Kenyon, has had a keen eye for high fashion since she began drawing at the tender age of two. Highly influenced by her mother’s model lifestyle and her pilot father, she grew up immersed in fashion and was able to travel the world. She knew by the time she was in middle school that she would be pursuing a career in fashion and hasn't looked back since.

Inspired by an array of cultures, Stacy dove deep into the fashion world shortly after graduating from college in 2000. She has since worked for various designers, brands, and costume companies worldwide. Her passion for the fashion industry lead her to launch her own signature line, Bandita Couture, based in Austin, Texas.

Stacy prides herself in breaking the mold with her designs. Her mission is to continually redefine the bikini with her unique swimwear line. The collection’s sexy silhouettes create innovative lines on the body that accentuate the female frame in all the right places. The suits are wearable pieces that are body conscious, yet ultra sexy, and far exceed the traditional swimwear ideology.

Bandita couture utilizes the highest quality European and South American fabrics and trims, and is known for its perfect fit, comfort, and bold silhouettes. In creating Bandita Couture, Stacy wanted to “establish a brand that continually pushes the envelope in design by creating something that embodies a sense of elegance, allure, and above all, is always cutting edge.”

Each suit is unique in its design and inspired by a real Bandita woman. Stacy’s inspiration for her designs derives from the women in her life: family, friends, models, and most importantly, her daughter.

"All women are unique in their design, and so is their style. A woman’s style is an extension of her personality. I don’t know about you, but I want my own personal style to be nothing short of interesting! I look at all these women; their bodies, interests, uniqueness, personalities, and I go from there. I take elements of them and mold it into something edgy, yet sophisticated."

Stacy Kenyon